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theories, practices and experiences of the mystical, elusively resonant, practical and unknowable.
a fixation on Suchness, the Invisible and Deep Paradox: sometimes for seemingly goalless diversion, and sometimes as an essential ingredient in the continuous attempt at sustained, good mental health.

preview of Blood Vapour for flute quartet

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Blood Vapour for flute quartet The fourth part of the Chthonic Flute Suite commissioned by Areon Flutes in 2012.  This suite has two main inspirations: ideologically it draws guidance from the book The Dream and the Underworld (1979) by James Hillman (1926-2011) and musically it explores the textural possibilities of a flute ensemble within [...]

Sincere Christmas Music

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For those of us still susceptible to warm fuzzy feelings (perhaps even hints of...Joy? shall we say) Christmas music can stir those at this time of year, take it or leave it.  I finally released a Christmas album this year and briefly describe that project and share thoughts and examples of  "sincere" Christmas songs. The idea [...]

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