Three movements for solo bass clarinet.

I. Stir the Earth
II. Turn and Stir the Earth
III. Stretch Wings, Let Your Mind Function Freely

Commissioned by CeCe Dietlein.

Premiered at the International Clarinetfest 2017 in Orlando, Florida by Stephan Vermeersch.

Five movements for duet: flute and Bb/bass clarinet.

1-According to its stories, the wheat began in darkness
8-Human eyes are not still enough to see the eyes of the wheat
12-Wheat comes from white, named for the color of the wheat’s edible bones
13-The wheat’s name for you is secret
16-Much is not passed down because the wheat’s way of praying is to try to forget

Commissioned by Central Michigan University’s Crescent Duo in collaboration with poet Jeffrey Bean.

Premiered at Central Michigan University in 2015.  Subsequent performances in the Midwest, including at the National Flute Convention 2017 in Minneapolis.

Featured on the album Poet as Muse released late 2017 on Centaur Records.

Published by Potenza Music, available late 2017.

For solo Bb clarinet and tape.

First-prize, 2013 International Clarinet Association Composition Competition.

Premiered in Assisi, Italy at the International Clarinetfest by Stephan Vermeersch.  Subsequent performances throughout Asia and Europe by Stephan Vermeersch.

Buy Sheet Music here.
Published by Potenza Music.

Four-movements for flute ensemble (1-4 players) two C, alto and bass flute.

Root of Ether (bass flute solo)
Enantiodromia: Nekyia—Hyponoia (C flute duet)
Void of Day: The Way We Descend—Reflection of Narcissus—Below Nature (trio: two C flutes and alto flute)
Blood Vapour: Thymos—Phrenes—Chthonios (quartet: two C flutes, alto flute and bass flute)

Commissioned by Areon Flutes, inspired by depth psychologist James Hillman’s Dream and the Underworld.

Partial premiere at Switchboard Music Festival, San Francisco 2013. Full premiere at Texas Flute Symposium in 2013, with subsequent performances seasonally throughout the U.S., including at the National Flute Convention 2017 in Minneapolis.

Three movements featured on the CD Thrive released November 2016 on Innova Records.

Published by Potenza Music, buy the sheet music here: Root, Enantio, Void, Blood.

Live “Void of Day” at Switchboard Music Festival, premiere of first three parts:

Live at the World Premiere of the full suite in Texas 2013, part four, Blood Vapour:

In 2012, I embarked on a mission that was doomed for the light. I stand by the results, you must open to the true chthonic nature of metal mythology and rock meets woodwind artistic prowess in order to engage this fever dream of a cover album concept. In collaboration with 8 of the Bay Area’s most creative bands and UnderCover Presents/Faultline Studios, we made an album and presented a one time live show of this madness.

As Music Director, I chose the bands, co-produced the album in addition to arranging 2 of the 8 renditions (“War Pigs” and “Electric Funeral”) and played Taimu & shakuhachi and led the band on “Electric Funeral” and guested on bass clarinet for “Planet Caravan.”

Full Album

Three movements for bass clarinet quartet and shakuhachi with tabla/percussion and vocalist/throat singer.

2012: A Requiem for Baktun 12 [the 13th and Final Cycle]

i.             before
ii.            during
iii.           after

Commissioned by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Worlds Apart: Local Response Composition Commission 2007, based on the work of spiritual archeologist Jose Arguelles and his book The Mayan Factor.

Premieres: March 29, 30, and 31, 2007; consecutive performances of this new multi-movement work for six musicians three bass clarinets, one bass clarinet/shakuhachi, one tabla/percussion, and one Tuvan throat singing/false-opera vocalist.

For bass clarinet duo.

Commissioned by Sqwonk.

Premiered April 30, 2008 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, released on the album Black in 2010. Subsequent performances seasonally throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Purchase the sheet music from Potenza here.
Buy the album version from Sqwonk on their website or on CD Baby.

Live at Switchboard 2010:

Live at the Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley, 2012:

Bass clarinet quartet.

2nd Place in Instrumental Category, The International Songwriting Competition 2006.
The song “Tooth & Claw” for Edmund Welles: the bass clarinet quartet, judged by over 30 professionals, including Tom Waits, Brian Wilson.

Four movements for bass clarinet quartet based on The Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1433) by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.

Agrippa’s 3 Books

I.            Cause & Effect
II.           The Black Lodge
III.         Corso v. Torchia
IIII.        Asmodëus: The Destroyer, King of the Demons

Commissioned by Chamber Music America and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation New Works Creation and Presentation Award 2004.  $10,000 grant commissioning a four-movement composition and performances by Edmund Welles: the bass clarinet quartet. Premiered in August and September of 2005 in Berkeley, CA (Epic Arts), New York, NY (The Stone), and San Francisco, CA (Old First Church). Subsequent performance at Switchboard Music Festival in 2009, San Francisco, CA.

2005 Top Ten Albums of 2005/Top Ten Performances of 2005 Andrey Henkin, editor of All About Jazz NYC
Agrippa’s 3 Books
performance at John Zorn’s The Stone in August 2005
Agrippa’s 3 Books the album, mixed by sound alchemist Oz Fritz (Bill Laswell, Tom Waits, Primus)

The first full length Edmund Welles album was titled after and released in conjunction with the premiere performances of Agrippa’s 3 Books.
Buy and listen to it on CD Baby here or at bandcamp here.