Friday July 13, 2012.  It was a day for cleaning here on Oxford Avenue.  I live in a one room studio/large converted garage and me and my cat like it tidy: dust & allergen free.  The triumphant, galloping bombast of Iron Maiden is a most excellent soundtrack for cleaning day.
Listed here is each album listened to & the activities undertaken/accomplished during the album.

Iron Maiden 

  • scrub kitchen sink & surrounding area
  • scrub kitchen counters
  • dust and clean items on counters


  • clean fridge of old items
  • wipe down fridge surfaces, drawers and shelves
  • replace baking soda boxes*

Number of the Beast 

  • scrub bathroom sink and surface
  • scrub toilet surfaces
  • dust items on counters bathroom surfaces
  • clean floor, corners and baseboard edges
  • clean toilet bowl

Piece of Mind 

  • change bed sheets
  • dust & vacuum areas surrounding and under the bed
  • dust and straighten desk


  • open windows and doors**
  • light a clean burning incense (Red Crystal or Nagarjuna Tibetan incense or Juniper Ridge Pinon)
  • increase volume of Maiden (to be heard galloping clearly above the Dyson)
  • vacuum all carpets
  • put all cleaning supplies away
  • open a tasty Black Butte Porter, sit back just in time to enjoy “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” in its 13 minutes of epic glory

*Ideally you will have new boxes on hand to accomplish this.  This was not the case on this day.

**If you have an indoor cat, as I do, it is now that you enclose him in the only separate area of the place: the bathroom.  This also saves him/her from dealing with the dread vacuum.