Shakuhachi Ceremonies


Placing awareness and intention on a special situation or transition is at the heart of every ceremony.  Creating the context, attending to all the details, and encouraging a certain state of mind are each important and require lots of time and resources.  Shakuhachi is a ceremonial music instrument, a woodwind with depth and subtlety and expressive vocal qualities.  Due to its Zen Buddhist history, bringing about a gentle yet clear state of attention among groups and individuals is completely natural and effortless for shakuhachi.

Previous Engagements

Weddings (since 1993)

Memorials (since 1989)

Opening Night/Inaugural Concerts (since 2011)

Rites of Passage (since 1989)

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Hidden Peak Teahouse, Santa Cruz 2012)

Details of Engagements


Non-amplified (acoustic)

Standard and Bass Sizes

Wide-ranging Repertoire

Clear Communication

Personalized/Custom Options

University of Mississippi September 2014

Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic July 2016

Fortress Castle, Assisi, Italy July 2013

Thanks for playing our wedding by the ocean in Mendo, it was truly incredible to be able to have deep music with no need for any PA system out there on those meadow cliffs.  Very memorable, our deepest thanks.

Jason Ditzian, writer, woodwind performer, Kugelplex, Dohee Lee

What can I say? Having our wedding in the redwoods simply would not have been as magical without you and your bamboo, opening up our hearts and minds.  I would say “let’s do this again” but, well, the whole wedding thing…!

Micah McClain, drummer, educator, Montessori Family School, Terrence Brewer

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