Michael Chikuzen Gould

Grandmaster Boots: Shakuhachi Renegade or Champion? Dai Shihan Certification

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"Every creative thing leaves home and gets into trouble somewhere out there.  Me and this bamboo are all about connecting to each other and getting in creative adventures: that’s it." Born in 1974, my Chinese astrological sign is the tiger -- the Wood Tiger to be specific.  This year, 2022, is a Water Tiger year, [...]

12+ years of Zen bamboo flute training and my shakuhachi Shihan ranking

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Greetings fellows humans.  It has been a long time since a blog post here.  It has been an incredible year of cultivation and contemplation as I moved out to the woods in Marin County and have been making lots of Pu-Erh post-fermented dark, earthy tea and playing lots of shakuhachi and Taimu. Today it is also a [...]

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