This is an awareness-based, experiential process.  It is also an animistic approach to instruments.  Two main roots of the practice are Absolute Tone and Tension Alchemy.  Rhythm and air lead all else, and combining intention with awareness, all is possible.

wu wei  is a term rooted in Taoist practice, but its application can have far reaching consequences for transforming our relationship to all goals and efforts involving the development or mastery of skills.  Essentially it means “effortless effort” or “action-less action” or “intentional non-action.”  Keeping this at the core of a woodwind performance training results in a method of transmuting frustration and dissolving stress on the path towards creating beautiful sounds.

Sounds and breath are our links to the invisible realms.  Woodwind study is analogous to a spiritual journey and will integrate you into a path of self-transformation regardless of your original or assumed intentions.  One way or another, it is confronting and it will change you.  It also happens to be very enjoyable and rewarding, particularly since, as relates to the most basic perspective of “survival” it appears to be completely optional.  This gives some freedom and levity from the otherwise intimidating pressures or expectations of a transformational path or method.

For me, woodwind performance and study is a great catalyst for a larger purpose: to inspire.  To engage fully in engendering and actualizing the transformation of consciousness: elevating Awareness and expanding the depth and breadth of thought and perspective.

I am always excited to help another human being get excited about playing and training on a wind instrument: creating a connection with your instrument and evolving over time is the core of the practice.  I have approached the study of each of the instruments above with awareness, creativity, depth, reverence and humor and guide students from this same perspective.  Having also composed for each of these instruments in a variety of contexts adds another dimension to the performance training that I offer.