Towards becoming a breath wizard…

“A true sage breathes from the heels, everyone else breathes from the throat.”
-The Book of Chuang Tzu

This is a low intensity, very basic introduction to Conscious and Correct Breathing.

To consciously breathe is simple and powerful.  The benefits are wide ranging and can include general well-being, clarity, a sense of fulfillment, and sometimes a return of sanity.  The practice, though simple, can be elusive and usually requires self-discipline and some guidance at least at the beginning, especially if you are approaching breathwork from outside of a woodwind or other breath-centric practice.

Should this basic introduction lead to greater involvement, there are many other formal breathing practices (offered elsewhere) to choose from as well, and a brief description and selected bibliography is offered with this introductory method.

Choose a 4 or 8 part (weekly) course at my studio, your home, or over Skype.
The basic content is preset but easily modifiable for specific needs/goals of each practitioner.

“What is used in normal daily life is the Unconscious Breathing.  But just using the Unconscious Breathing, the simple movement of the lungs, does not bring a person into strength and health.  You are sure to become sick or even die.  And so you have to move into Conscious or Mindful Breathing.”      –Watazumido-so Roshi