A Wood Prophet believes in the power and majesty of the element of wood. The wisdom of symbiosis. The benefit of forming a personal, expressive voice through woodwinding.

I turn 47 today.  Sometimes, your solar return is the time for a new oath, this is one.  I am entering into a role/persona, not very far afield from where I have been, but, with amplified intention and purpose.  It is a renewed intention: coagulated, elevated and aspirational.  Bold, open-hearted engagement.  If you are curious what it is, I am copy pasting the briefest of descriptions here from my video that went up today that has the title of this character/role, which is: a Wood Prophet.

“A Wood Prophet understands and demonstrates the wisdom of symbiosis. Specifically, collaboration between a human musician and the element of Wood. Backed by the power of the deep past, a Wood Prophet is the bridge between many styles of music, and the intelligence of living Nature. Masters of respiromancy and proponents of natural music, Wood Prophets’ mission is to provide the soundtrack to a profound shift in the human/Nature relationship.”
There’s more to it than that, it is an ongoing experiment, but that reveals the primary facets of it.  We are in the slowpocalypse of our own making: it is time to merge my ethics with my philosophy with my life and with how I spend my breath, and have it mean something that is not decided only by mandates that burp out of the degraded sphere of human insanity.  I now believe “compassionate anarchy” is likely necessary, the time is now, and some fresh growth will need to come from the compost of the middle 21st century.  What will be your role?