Due to the widespread viewership of this 2007 performance of Edmund Welles, there is a great demand for the “sheet music” or notation of this arrangement.  I created this arrangement in 1997 as part of the initial bass clarinet quartet arrangements project.  The details and background of this arrangement are in the extensive Performance Notes.

At this time I am pleased to offer the lead part for this arrangement as well as the Performance Notes (highly recommended) as a complimentary download.
The parts for bass clarinet II, III and IV are only available as part of the complete arrangement which is available for purchase on this page.

In order to maximize your bass clarinet and heavy chamber music pursuits, I also recommend the purchase of all of the Edmund Welles albums (including the Tooth & Claw Companion which contains instructional videos germane to the expanded techniques required for the Creep arrangement) and signing up with me for internet or in-person bass clarinet lessons.  Also, be sure to sign up on the mailing list for future updates and related materials.

“Creep”© for bass clarinet quartet: bass clarinet I part

“Creep” for bass clarinet quartet: Performance Notes

Purchase the full arrangement for 4 bass clarinets.  Includes pdf’s of score and parts emailed to you.