Shakuhachi Presentations & Performance at Universities


To present a direct experience of the depth, expressiveness and musical prowess of this rare bamboo instrument.  For the musically and culturally curious only.


As a three-time graduate of the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Cornelius recognizes—and remembers—the incredible value that a guest lecturer and performer can bring to the developing undergraduate or graduate music student. Cornelius brings extensive training, and equally important, a 30-year, truly unique performance background.

Also, fair warning for you stuffy academic dogmatists out there, it will not not be fun. Striding into the unknown and unexpected with training, courage and vision is the Cornelius Boots Way. And of course, the scheduling, purpose and content of the event will be relative and consistent with the educational mission and overall strategic goals of your college, school or university department.

Previous Engagements

UC Berkeley
Cal Arts
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Indiana University
Pacifica Graduate Institute
University of Mississippi
University of Memphis
Southern Oregon University
University of Missouri-Kansas City
UC Northridge

Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto, Assisi, Italy
The Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
Bloomington High School North, IN
Summit Elementary School, Bloomington, IN

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
Oakland Art Museum
Sanshin Temple Zendo
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Types of Engagements







University of Mississippi September 2014

Pacifica Graduate Institute August 2014

Bloomington North High School May 2015

Cornelius’ shakuhachi flute presentation at our summer session was blissful. He brought a meditative space to an intensive week of learning at Pacifica, and I really appreciated his depth of knowledge about his craft. My friends, fellow students, and faculty were all lit up after his concert!

Felicia Chavez, MBA, PhD
The students LOVED your talk. They have all been raving about it and you made such an impression on them.  I do highly recommend you keep lecturing to students because they have so much to learn from you. I hope we can bring you back here sometime.
Dr. Jennie Gubner, World Music Instructor, Visiting Professor at IU

Your visit was a wonderful way to kick off our year. The students really enjoyed your class and your performance, and I have heard many positive comments from all the folks who attended your events. We have been reviewing your breath etudes in lesson, and I have been playing them myself. The students and I really enjoy them!

Dr. Michael T. Rowlett, Associate Professor of Clarinet and Music Literature, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

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