Numerous musical endeavors and projects have been embarked upon and documented.  Some are still active, and some are not.  The Archives section presents descriptions, links and downloads of these relics and artifacts from the Cornelius Boots and zeroth Law catalog.  There are many recordings and compositions from 1996-2008 that, until recently, were unreleased or unavailable.  Therefore, this is, ironically, one of the most vibrant areas of this website due to the volume of material, so check back often or sign up on the mailing list.  Enjoy the wild ride to the past…

Explore the full-length album that was the culmination of 3 years of rock by the Chicago smooth metal/industrial funk power trio magnesium (guitar, robot bass clarinet, drums).  The solid riffage that was the foundation of magnesium laid the groundwork for subsequent heavy chamber music compositions for Edmund Welles.

Also, explore this album of “organic electronic” musical experiments from Cornelius’ mad scientist phase when he assembled and enlivened the robot bass clarinet, a bass clarinet with amplification, effectification and mutation.

Originals and covers by 2 bass clarinets and drums.  Studio quality. Before the creation of Edmund Welles, the world’s only composing bass clarinet quartet, the waters of a rock-influenced bass clarinet-centric group were tested by this adventurous Trio. 

New edition of the 4-song EP that started magnesium’s journey (May 2000) through the sub-underground music scene of Chicago at the dawn of the new century.  Rare live tracks and almost-lost demos have been added to expand this to a 12-song collection.

The very first bass clarinet quartet arrangements were of boogie woogie, gospel and rock. Motets and other styles wove their way into these earliest demos. Enjoy!

Doctor Mongrol: the short-lived (2005) but oh-so-satisfying Junior Kimbrough/Fat Possum-influenced dirge blues trio featuring Bryan Kehoe (The Kehoe Nation, M.I.R.V., Les Claypool) on scorching gee-tar and vocals, Micah McClain (magnesium, moodfood, The Kehoe Nation, Terrence Brewer) and myself on the ol’ robot bass clarinet.


Coming Soon:

Faun Tumnus: mutant progressive rock quartet (robot bass clarinet, drums, 2 electric guitars) Live 1997-9. 8 original tracks, lo-fi demo and bootleg quality but…better than nothin’!


magnesium: video

and more surprises from the lost & found…