Moira the Warrior     The lead track from the latest Edmund Welles album, this arrangement features 6 bass clarinets, 2 contrabass clarinets, drum set, and auxiliary big drums and cymbals: engineered by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph in Oakland.

Hazelnut [Original Flavor] the first “official” heavy chamber music composition from Cornelius Boots in 1994.  This track features 2 tracks of Bb clarinet, 2 tracks of BBb contrabass clarinet (all played by CB) and Jon Schumann on percussion.  Peter Alyea was the very patient and attentive recording engineer.

The Other [taimu shakuhachi duet] the epic duet from the set of 27 compositions for Taimu (large-bore bass variants of the shakuhachi, Zen bamboo flute) called mukyoku written by Cornelius Boots between 2009-2010 and available at Mujitsu Shakuhachi.

Icon of Prevention    A typical track from the Chicago underground, industrial funk, soft metal power trio magnesium that I led and composed for from 1999-2001.  The bass instrument is the robot bass clarinet, joined by drums and guitar.

Synge    This is “clarinet jock” heavy chamber music, from the 2nd Edmund Welles album Tooth & Claw.

Indiana Avenue Stomp    One of the earliest bass clarinet quartet arrangements, from 1998.  Originally a boogie woogie piano tune by Montana Taylor.

O Magnum Mysterium    Another of the earlier bass clarinet quartet arrangements, also from 1998. One of the exquisite motets from Tomas Luis de Victoria, 1572.

Quam pulchra es    Another motet, this one performed with 3 different size shakuhachi flutes.  Watch the live version of this from Switchboard Music Festival 2012 here.

Kagaribi  A duet played on two 1.8 shakuhachi flutes.  Originally for koto and shakuhachi, this is a fun piece, and this performance is quite flawed, but with infectious energy! Watch the live version of an original shakuhachi duet here.

Hyperdrive    A classic live track from Faun Tumnus (1997-99) a band that I led, composed, and played robot bass clarinet for (the bass instrument that enters at 0:09)