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Cornelius Boots: Mountain Hermit
Sabbaticus Rex: sabbaticus rex II

Still working out the best method for presenting my recordings in different categories on this website, right now we have a random selection of Audio and Video from the menus above, and also visit the Store and the Archive.  Those places will direct towards recordings that are available as entire albums, whereas here I am putting single tracks.  Thanks for listening!

Iconic digital single from the New Nature Music department of zeroth Law and Wu Wei Woodwind: a Zen encore for our pre-apocalyptic times:

Free Bird performed on solo shakuhachi

Cornelius Boots: Free Bird


My arrangement from 2012 of Black Sabbath’s Electric Funeral  for rock band, gongs, taiko drums, shakuhachi section and organ.  This was a project sponsored by UnderCover Presents and Faultline Studios for which I was the Guest Musical Director.  I also played bass clarinet in Planet Caravan and arranged War Pigs for Extra Action Marching Band with Robin Coomer on vocals.










Karl Young, Cornelius Boots, Philip Gelb May 2012 at the Independent in SF