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The Store below is easy to use, but if it is not working for you somehow, just go directly to CD Baby for Edmund Welles, Sabbaticus Rex or Cornelius Boots albums.

Sheet Music

For most sheet music requests, contact me directly.  More details below.

Creep bass clarinet quartet arrangement. Now you can fulfill your Radiohead-by-bass-clarinet-ensemble needs.

Purchase hard copies of Danse Macabre (arranged for four bass clarinets) or Sojourn of the Face (commissioned by Sqwonk for two bass clarinets) at Potenza Music or buy these same compositions, plus Edmund Welles CDs, at Just for Winds.

Purchase digital or hard copy Shakuhachi & Taimu compositions and instructional materials on Mujitsu Shakuhachi.


Invisible Orthodoxy: Clarinet score and tape part

This composition won First Prize in the 2013 International Clarinet Association Composition Competition.  The world premiere was in Assisi, Italy at the 2013 Clarinet Convention and was played by Stephan Vermeersch.  This is a fun piece to practice, great for clarinet recitals and a great audio track to listen to when you are not playing the piece!  It features and exploits: aggressive and difficult rock riffs, quarter-tone gestures and sincere melodic moments.

Invisible Orthodoxy: clarinet score and tape part

More Recordings

The Edmund Welles demo-albums O Mysterium and Gods Help Us All are now available on bandcamp.  These are old tracks that have just been re-released.

Sabbaticus Rex recordings are also available on bandcamp for streaming, download or purchase.

These three archival re-releases from zeroth Law are available on bandcamp or read about them first on this website in THE ARCHIVES