Andrea Dezsö: Heart Embroidery

Today I got an article in my inbox from Derek Sivers–founder of CD Baby and general entrepreneurial, light-seeking , Gen-X musician-business-guidance-semi-guru–which you can read here. I liked what he said, and have been recently honing, consolidating, and focusing to a great extent myself, so the timing was nice.  This idea was reflected by many commenters who also felt his post to be timely in their own lives.

However, one sentiment gained some traction in the comments that I strongly disagree with. Basically, in response to the idea that someone might lock themselves away in a cabin for a year in order to finish their first book that they had procrastinated for much of their earthly life–the main example of the article–some commenters claim/complain/observe that “some of us don’t have that luxury.”

Here is my response to that notion, posted in the comments (#108):

Hardcore dedication is the point here, isn’t it? To those who here in the comments describe the lock-yourself-away-for-a-year as a “luxury some of us don’t have”– I must take the strong approach that you are missing the full impact of this method. And of the central main point here. 

We have what I am calling a “backstage” illusion in the human psyche, like we are or can be divided, “I got a family and job etcetera” okay: that was a choice, or at least, it is what it is. Hardcore dedication should not be looked upon by others who only dip their toe in the water yet desire a plunge as a “luxury.” In fact, that’s belittling. I suggest that true creative vision and follow-through are beyond either luxury or hard work: when the universe and you collaborate, transcendence occurs. I think, “no excuses” might sum up my sentiment here. Why did you buy into societal norms and then whine that you want to be “creative”? 

Also, most people, and musicians I am looking at you (us), truly need to stay out of their head more of the time, descend into their balls and ovaries and gut — put on some Danzig or Sabbath or Etta James — and present our current mentally unbalanced society with something REAL. Something true to your deepest, darkest, most illuminated, unfathomably powerful heart.