This is a pretty basic thing that we tend to gloss over.  It might actually be short for “artifice” but it is for sure not short for “Arthur.” Not only are our creations not “just” the finger pointing at the moon, they are a photograph of an oil painting of the finger pointing at the moon.  We might be served to remember these layers and pay attention as they form.  The whole process is a synthesis of various inputs leading to a “special” or unique output that is then a Work of Art.

The artist’s state of consciousness at each stage of the process infuses the final result.  And the result is in fact not final, but continues on an adventure into the spheres and minds of others, and ripples out in time and space.

If I am getting too philosophical, try this experiment: some evening while you have some time to yourself, dim the lights, grab a tasty beverage, put on Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” and sit or lie down somewhere comfortable.  If you are not transported–within seconds, no less–to an undeniable experience of the state of consciousness that resulted from that recording, of those musicians, at that time, with that vision, then you should check to make sure you have a pulse, as they say.

So, “artificial” does not mean inauthentic as I cast it here: it just means, know what a thing is and what it isn’t.  In-of-itself any created thing is an equal part of the entirety, an undeniable facet of our complete Suchness that we both Are and are Within.  So, we are vast and so are the things we create and make.  But, from our standard and daily viewpoint, if we can stay humble and remember that we are the imitators as we create, then the original–our original–creative nature might pour through, effortlessly and abundantly.

Like molten gold, like honey, like sunlight.

Older cultures and tribes had completely integrated routines and lifestyles, in this way their creations, creativity and “performances” were embedded in and in no way separate from, well, life.  Or we can say Life, with a capital “L”.  But things were not to stay put in that manner, it has been the human path to separate, to behold, to create and destroy on the basis of whims, dreams, divine and diabolical inspiration, power-trips and even sarcasm.

In these heady pre-apocalyptic times, when will we know for sure that it is finally, once and for all, the correct moment to Eat the Sandbox?