As I became infatuated with the sound and possibilities of the bass clarinet back in 1995, a timeline unfolded that we have a good perspective on now as another Era draws to a close on September 12 in San Francisco.  The following brief outline centers on the existence of a “heavy chamber music” bass clarinet quartet, known as Edmund Welles.

Edmund Welles in Berkeley January 20101996-1999
Inspirational Era includes the earliest compositions and arrangements and one performance, alongside the existence of The Cornelius Boots Trio, the robot bass clarinet and Faun Tumnus

Pre-Classic Era includes magnesium, the songs thereof (some of which became core EW pieces), and several failed attempts to recruit qualified bass clarinetists in Chicago and Eugene

Early Classic Era includes the first Bay Area performances and personnel, as well as the core compositions and the release of Agrippa’s 3 Books

Classic Era includes the primary activity both locally and regionally, the release of Tooth & Claw and Imagination LostSwitchboard and Clarinetfest appearances; shows with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Faun Fables and others; and the emergence of interrelated bands/projects Simulacra and Sqwonk.

Late Classic Era
 includes the release of Hymns for Christmas, the international debut of the group in Assisi, Italy and the bass clarinet-a-palooza concert in San Francisco.

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