Workshops are expanded versions of masterclasses and can last from half-a-day to a week.  They might include private lessons, ensemble training and multiple teachers and focus on a handful of topics in addition to specific repertoire.

Some workshops might take the form of Intensives that are “camp” style wherein the participants are lodged together and work together for most hours of the day.  This kind of immersion is vital for the deeper development of the more holistic and contextual aspects of wind performance, similar to how staying in the country of origin will exponentially increase your familiarity and fluency with a foreign language.

For some people with rigorous weekly schedules or unpredictable financial means, workshops can provide important benchmarks on their path when private lessons are less viable.

Workshops can occur on-site at colleges and schools or be organized at students’ houses or other appropriate location.  Often there needs to be considerable lead time (3-8 months) and sufficient confirmed participants before the details and location of workshops can be finalized.