Live Version of Proposed Project Track #1

Live Version of Proposed Project Track #3

Live Version of Proposed Project Track #7

Project Title:   HOLY FLUTE

Inspired by 1983’s Holy Diver—Dio’s iconic album of power metal wizardry—Boots renders six compositions and six arrangements into the new album Holy Flute.  A weird world, sacred new music album; a feast of a collision of classic rock, Zen nature flute, and phenomenal skill on this notoriously difficult instrument.  This is also a very personal album for me as it encapsulates and expresses some of my innermost views as a Zen Rosicrucian, especially with regard to the power of breath and sound, and reverence for how Nature embraces apparent opposites.

Complete Track List in pre-production:

1 – Blacken the Cursed Sun [Lamb of God/arr. CB]
2 – Heaven and Hell [Black Sabbath with Dio/arr. CB]
3 – Purgatory [CB]
4 – Until You Call on the Dark [Danzig/arr.CB]
5 – Damaged Soul [Black Sabbath/arr. CB]
6 – No Quarter [Led Zeppelin/arr.CB]
7 – Hymn to the She-Dragon of the Deep [CB]
8 – The Devil Points [CB]
9 – Year of the Goat God of the Flute [CB]
10 – Taste of Nothing [CB]
11 – Generuslu [CB]
12 – Behind the Wall of Sleep [Black Sabbath/arr. CB]

Production Plan

Shakuhachi and Taimu bamboo flutes need acoustically excellent spaces in which to shine, however, the engineering and production of this album will also bring the flute closer to the listener as much as possible in order to transmit the direct texture that the performer feels.  This is a tricky balance of near and far miking, but the engineering team and the venue are all well-versed in this priority.  Recording is planned for early summer 2016.

Cornelius Boots 2016 Press Kit PDF

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