The sounds arise and they pass away: this is the pattern of all things manifest.  In this method the sounds are hoping to conjure two kinds of possibilities: the unknown and the unknowable.

The Hermetic Bamboo Flute Method is a long-form, chance operation format.  It is an experimental, improvised music ritual focused on spontaneous, elemental sound explorations on 11 big bamboo flutes. The turn of Hermetic Tarot cards determines the flute and the style of each selection. The performer connects to the moment and the Invisible; the listener experiences the arising and passing away of various sounds.

“The key is music. Sound. [The nymphs] Syrinx, Echo, and Pitys–who sighs (Nonnus) or moans when the wind blows through the pine trees–are the sounds of nature.  The nymphs reflect nature to the ear.  They teach listening, and listening stops compulsion.”
        –James Hillman, Pan and the Nightmare
“This greater intelligence is not the conceptual intelligence that you can measure with IQ tests. It is non-conceptual intelligence. Conceptual intelligence is the ability to retain information, analyze, compare, and so forth. It’s a tiny fragment of what intelligence is. There is a vastness of non-conceptual intelligence. Our destiny is to be in that way, so that our whole life is to become a work of art. Not just be confined to that state of consciousness when you do your creative work. Any creative thing has a spark, an aliveness, a quality, a newness, a freshness. You connect with non-conceptual intelligence in the alert Stillness within. Everybody has that, as their essence. That is true intelligence. To what extent you are connected with that could not possibly be measured through any IQ test. Ultimately, you cannot measure creativity.”
–Eckhart Tolle