A Cornelius Boots secret compilation for you to ENJOY.
Solo, devoted listening with headphones is strongly recommended.
Buy the albums if you like the songs.

*note that I did not take the time to adjust the volume of each track, therefore, everything from the year 2000 and later is louder than the old stuff, in general*

After almost 8 years of procrastinating the study of Dio’s work with his own band, DIO, I finally took the plunge this year.  Almost two dozen CDs, DVDs, and T-shirts later–and many YouTubes of live performances and interviews–I present you with my own personal favorites, which are also some of the under-represented/under-rated pieces of the musically majesty DIO myth-scape (with the exception of “The Last in Line,” which somehow fits my “obscure favorites ” list even though it is also one of the “classic hits”).  These all feature great songwriting, masterful composing, and mind-blowing, 200% committed vocal performance prowess from the one and only, Ronnie James Dio.