Title *involvement of Cornelius Boots in recording—–posted below each track

O Magnum Mysterium *arranger, producer, performer of all bass clarinets.

Moira the Warrior *composer, producer, performer of all bass clarinets.

Arnold Bax Sonata for Bb Clarinet and Piano *Bb clarinet soloist.

Eric Dolphy’s God Bless the Child *bass clarinet soloist.

Why Don’t You Do Right *Bb clarinet soloist.

Hazelnut [Original Flavor] *composer, producer, performer of all Bb & contrabass clarinets.

Mozart Bassoon Concerto on bass clarinet with IU Clarinet Choir *bass clarinet soloist.

Sonatina by Joseph Horovitz *Bb clarinet soloist.

Hear the Grinder Creak by Faun Fables *bass clarinet and half-clarinet.

The Madness of Emporer Norton I by The Kehoe Nation *Bb clarinet.