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Hardcore Dedication is Not a “Luxury”

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Andrea Dezsö: Heart Embroidery Today I got an article in my inbox from Derek Sivers--founder of CD Baby and general entrepreneurial, light-seeking , Gen-X musician-business-guidance-semi-guru--which you can read here. I liked what he said, and have been recently honing, consolidating, and focusing to a great extent myself, so the timing was nice.  This idea [...]

Dio Days 2015

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BEFORE - the sum total of my Dio library before Dio Days 2015 AFTER - The expanded DIO library after Dio Days 2015 DIO - Lord of Roar secret compilation click here Ronnie James Dio is one of the legends of rock.  Actually, he is a legend of metal, hard rock and [...]

Art is short for Artificial

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This is a pretty basic thing that we tend to gloss over.  It might actually be short for "artifice" but it is for sure not short for "Arthur." Not only are our creations not "just" the finger pointing at the moon, they are a photograph of an oil painting of the finger pointing at the moon. [...]

Save Yourself

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There is a growing need to get right to the heart of the matter. To get down to brass tacks, as it were. What exactly is needed, and why? In 15 minutes, you could save 15 generations or more. By watching this talk. Can we flip the switch from "progress" to actual evolution towards the Unknown? [...]

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