Everyone has problems: I get that.  Sometimes it seems that for every good thing that happens, four more crappy ones follow close behind.  And often it seems that the “world” has been working against us all along: that much of our time has actually been a waste of time.

Let me explain.

Italics and bold-type truly emphasize the important nuances of this information.  Information that takes up space, takes up time, reveals almost nothing, gives you even less and yet: on we read, on we click, on, and on, and on.

So in the end, most things come full circle.

For example, you are still reading this even though you have no clue what I am trying to say or what the point is of this blog post.  How do I know that? Because if you weren’t still reading back there at that last sentence, then you also wouldn’t be still reading now at this one.  Unless you are randomly skipping around looking for something coherent or meaningful in this post, in which case: bravo.

This sentence is here in a one-line paragraph all by itself.

And now, in this sentence, I am going to keep about 2-3 lines of text closer together without a full carriage return in order to visually appear as if the content of this section is somehow elaborating on or substantiating that single line above.  But it never really did: until now.

Even though I am not selling or convincing you of anything in this post, somehow this scrolling down, very short paragraph style–because it appears on the internet–is compelling you to keep reading in spite of it not having any substance or payoff.  In fact, even though I already made a similar point before, I wrote it again here, and you might read it again through no fault of your own.  Repetition is the name of the game.

In fact: all of this is not your fault.

It is all just one profound mind-game that just so happens to be the dominant mode of information transmission and communication.  If I really wanted to say something useful, and I truly cared about you, your time and your state of mind, I would have found a way to express it clearly and concisely, organized it well with a nice font and maybe a little picture and allowed you to move on with your life.

Instead, I have adopted this rambling, continuous filler approach to putting information on a web page because somehow, I know that you are still reading, and you are hoping for the punchline, the monster at the end of the book, or the free mind-cookie at the end of this harmless-yet-ridiculous blog post.

This is happening more and more everyday.


Because there are universal threads that can always be plucked by almost anyone at any time.  Some people probably make a study of this: campaigners, advertisers, business owners, your children–almost everyone has a vested interest in commanding your attention and then manipulating your behavior.  I say “almost” because I have no such interest, as this exceedingly off-the-cuff, crude spurt of text demonstrates.  The fact that I get paid six-figures to write these exact kinds of blog posts is not only surprising, it is also 100% fictional.

Most online articles are very self-satisfied because they are so overly convinced of the great benefit to you of reading them.

So in the end, most things come full circle.

My advice?

You have options: use them. Make that work and I look forward to reading your blog entry about it.